A breast cancer diagnosis can led to an altered body image, it can be daunting to try to source the correct and appropriate bra or prosthesis.  Our bra and prosthesis fitting service is run by a trained fitter who understands that every lady who attends the service is individual and that their needs can differ. A properly fitted bra or prosthesis helps to restore confidence while providing comfort.

A mastectomy or pocketed bra is a special bra that is used after breast surgery. They are designed to provide shape, good support while the pockets are used to hold prosthesis. They come in many different designs and colours.

A breast prosthesis or form is used to replace lost breast tissue post surgery. A breast form replace the natural breast and provides balance and body shape. Depending on the type of surgery: lumpectomy, partial or full mastectomy different prosthesis are used to restore body image.

It is recommended to have a proper fitting approximately 6 to 8 weeks post surgery. This time will allow for healing to occur.  Our bra fitting service is available to both Medical Card (GMS) and Private clients. All paperwork and documentation will be processed in relation to GMS entitlements, and assistance for Private Health Insurance claims is provided.

Our fitting room is a quiet and private space where adequate time is given for measuring and fitting of products.

The fitting service is free but there may be a charge for bras/prostheses supplied.