“When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in September 2016 my world shifted. At the time I did not know anyone else with this form of blood cancer, nor had I even heard of it. My family and friends rallied around and were incredibly supportive, but it wasn’t always easy to talk about my concerns and worries. I knew I would need help to deal with this on an emotional level. The moment I walked into the Hope Centre I was struck by the warm welcoming personnel and homely surroundings. Over a cup of tea (and a box of tissues to hand!) I was listened to with compassion, empathy and understanding. It was a huge relief not to have to put on a brave face and I could be honest about how I was feeling. As well as a listening ear I have availed of some of the many therapies on offer to the clients and have benefitted greatly from mediation and reflexology over the past few years. In January 2018, the Multiple Myeloma Support Group was set up to provide an opportunity to meet and chat with others dealing with similar experiences and challenges in confidence. Guest speakers are occasionally invited to the meetings to talk on topics that are of particular interest to the members. But for me the main value of this group is the freedom to chat among ourselves, offering peer support in a relaxed, comfortable space. The support of the wonderful staff and volunteers, and the friendships formed with others on a similar journey, have played an important part in how I am learning to live with cancer.”…..Janet


In 2018 I found myself on an scary journey due to breast cancer. I went through chemo and all that goes with it and then surgery. I started going into the Hope Centre after my mastectomy and I can honestly now say that if it wasn’t for the help, support and  pure kindness that I received in the centre I would not have come through it all as well as I did. The centre and the people in it were my lifeline and helped me in so many ways both physically and mentally, it does as the name suggests, it gives HOPE , I always get a feeling of ‘coming home’ every time I step through that blue door and hopefully I can continue to  visit for many years to come”……Esther


 “The Hope Centre is a lovely calm space to sit, have a rest and a cup of tea on the comfortable couches and look at the nice magazines. The Staff are so friendly and kind. They provide support to clients and families during stressful times. The range of services and groups are brilliant. I found it a supportive and necessary place to visit during cancer treatment. The garden and views of Vinegar Hill are lovely too.”……Noelle


“I debated for a very long time whether support from the Hope Centre was something that would benefit me. Making that first step to make the call and try it out was honestly the best decision I’ve made. From the minute you walk through the doors of the Hope Centre you feel relaxed and put at ease. Having a safe place to discuss grief loss and the challenges that presents is invaluable and I walk out of each session a little bit lighter knowing I can leave some of the issues in the room. I am starting to feel more confident as a result of the support I have received and I know that each step I am taking is helping my future.”……Joe


“After being diagnosed with incurable cancer I was at a very low ebb, yet the moment I walked in the door of the HOPE Centre I was treated with such kindness and professionalism that I immediately felt calm, reassured and relaxed. From staff in the office right through to each and every one of the other people working there I knew I could trust them and that they wanted to support me in the best way possible. Whether it is attending a support group, providing a service to a member of my family, getting a treatment or even just having a quiet place to relax we always feel better for having visited the HOPE Cancer Support Centre.”……Pat


“I have seen a counsellor in the Hope Centre February 2020 until September 2020. I received in total 8 sessions. This is my experience of them. I was very nervous entering the process in the beginning as I was doubtful of what help I would get. I felt I wasn’t the type of person that would or should need this help. I wasn’t the one in our house suffering from cancer, that was my wife. We also have two small children. I felt I needed to see someone as I felt anxious and not in good form generally. From the first session with my Counsellor  I can honestly say it has made a massive difference to me and family life. I went from being apprehensive about the sessions to being anticipating the sessions. I loved the environment and felt the room was a safe place to talk without been judged. I can’t thank my Counsellor highly enough for her role in helping me to help myself and for that I am truly grateful. She was professional, supportive, empathetic and above all human in all our sessions. All in all I couldn’t recommend this service highly enough. From the greeting  at Reception to saying goodbye following an appointment. So thanks to everyone who has helped. .”…Anonymous