National Volunteer Week runs from May 17th to 23rd and our Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere word of thanks to all of our volunteers both present and past for their contributions to the on-going success of the Hope Cancer Support Centre.  Without your input and dedication to the charity we would not be in a position to deliver our services to those in the community who are and have been impacted by cancer.

We are delighted to share 2 of our Volunteer’s stories which mirrors the experiences of many of our wonderful volunteers.

Margaret’s Volunteer Story

“My name is Margaret and I have been volunteering with Hope now for just over five years. I decided that I would like to do some voluntary work following my retirement from teaching. I chose the Hope Cancer Support Centre as a close relative was involved in setting up this support service, and having known many who have availed of the services of the Centre it was a cause very close to my heart. Being involved with the Hope Centre is a very rewarding experience and there are so many different areas in which one can assist the work carried out there. I volunteer in the Centre itself as part of the cash counting team, I volunteer one afternoon a week in the Hope Cancer Support Shop and I have also assisted with registration for the Hope and Dream 10. Other volunteers also help with “meeting and greeting” in the Centre, driving cancer patients to their appointments, looking after the gardens etc.

Even when working in the shop we often encounter people who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, those who have been bereaved by cancer or those who are recovering and want to chat about their experiences. The centre gives great support to the volunteers, organising speakers and courses to help us in dealing with these situations and how to best support those who need a listening ear.

The Hope Cancer Support Centre is a very professionally run service providing excellent support and therapies for cancer sufferers and their families. Volunteers not only are giving back to the community through the work they undertake for the Centre but we, also, as volunteers get a great deal out of volunteering – a sense of worth and wonderful friendships are formed both with fellow volunteers and those who work for the organisation. Many of those who volunteer have had family members touched by cancer and have valued the support they and their family have received through the centre so they want to give of their time as a way of saying “Thank you”.

The mantra for Hope and Dream 10 is “If we do nothing, nothing will happen” and, certainly, in volunteering for The Hope Cancer Support Centre you are doing something and assisting in supporting those who require the services of the Centre.”

Marian’s Volunteer Story

“My name is Marian and I work as a volunteer in the Hope Cancer Centre and In the Charity Shop.

In the Centre, I volunteer as part of the Meet and Greet Team. This involves meeting clients when they arrive at the centre, ensuring that they are comfortable and helping them in any way including assisting them to their therapist or group.  Following their appointment or group sessions we usually have prepared tea/coffee for the clients, this allows for a social aspect to their experience in the centre. I also work in the Charity Shop. Following the safety guidelines I work on the Shop floor, tidying, ensuring only five shoppers are present at a time and helping with enquiries.

Volunteering is a two way operation. It can benefit you as much as the cause you choose to help. It helps me to connect with my community. By dedicating my time I have made new friends and boosted my social skills. Volunteering increased my self-confidence and gives me a sense of identity. The social aspect of helping and working as part of a team is very beneficial to good health.

The Hope Centre is a calm and peaceful environment in which to work as a volunteer. There is a wonderful spirit among the staff and a great empathy for the clients, it is indeed a Haven of Hope in County Wexford and I feel privileged to be a volunteer there.”


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