Reflexology is an ancient therapy on the feet, face or hands. It dates back over 4000 years and originated in the eastern countries. All of our organs systems and emotions are reflected in our feet/face/hands so by working on certain points a Reflexologist can help with health problems.

In the Hope Centre we work on the feet of our clients with a diagnosis through Oncology Reflexology which is a lighter than regular reflexology but with the same benefits. For clients that don’t have a cancer diagnosis but are supporting someone with cancer,  we use regular Reflexology. It is also known as Zone therapy as there are 10 vertical zones going from each toe to the heel area.

Having regular Reflexology treatments you can help you feel better in yourself, sleep better, have more energy, less anxious plus many other benefits. Feedback from our clients after having their Reflexology treatment are mainly how less anxious they feel, their feet feel so light and good, sleeping much better and have more energy. Many people don’t like their having their feet touched but there is a totally different feel to receiving a Reflexology treatment and it is highly recommended.

All of our Therapists in the Hope Centre are experienced and fully qualified. The treatment encourages the healing process throughout the body. Using a gentle technique our Therapist’s aim is to encourage the person’s own healing systems to be activated and so maintain well-being. A treatment lasts for approximately one hour.